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Medical Imaging Equipment Procurement

“The ability to treat patients is equal to the quality of the medical equipment and the knowledge of the user.” 

LET International is thoroughly invested in the evaluation of diagnostic medical imaging equipment prior to procurement. Whether the goals are to upgrade to new equipment, equip a brand new facility, or to maximize utilization recently acquired systems, LET can be an indispensable partner. Utilizing our various partnerships with medical device companies, we advise medical facilities in minimization of vendors, streamlining of the logistics chain, and assist our clients in avoiding the potential complications that surface in the procurement process. Our consultants’ are comprised of clinical professionals knowledgeable in all aspects of the medical imaging equipment. We accompany our clients through this challenging process providing critical input into the tendering processes and ensuring that all clinical requirements are satisfied. We help to develop strategies that encourage competition among suppliers thus preventing market stagnation. We also offer post procurement equipment applications training for clients who wish to maximize the return on their investment with advanced training focused at their unique patient population