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Joseph E. Williamson, R.D.M.S
Joseph E. Williamson, R.D.M.SThe Founder

Joseph E. Williamson, R.D.M.S.

Joseph Williamson has over a decade of experience in international consulting, education and training. His primary focus is with Hospital Groups in Africa and the Caribbean, evaluating clinical gaps in protocols and assessing medical educational needs. He is the founder and medical director of L-E-T INTERNATIONAL LLC, a premier healthcare consulting group comprised of medical consultants of various clinical and business specialties. His expertise centers on implementation of strategies to help organizations attain sustainable clinical performance, high patient satisfaction scores and above average employee engagement, while containing costs and collaborating effectively with medical partners. He received his medical technology training in the USA at Montgomery College and The University of Maryland

He leverages 35+ years’ experience as a medical clinician in diagnostic ultrasound including emergency point of care, high risk maternal-fetal imaging, fetal invasive procedures and fetal therapy. He has been the key presenter and consultant for multiple international health systems such as Cayman Island Health Authority, Barbados Palliative Care Association, Jamaica West Indies Mandeville Regional Hospital Systems, Pinnacle Health Systems in the USA,  and the Neoloic Imaging and Radio-Intervention Services in Africa. He is an instructor for the 2018 international symposium of the Association for Infertility and Reproductive Health in Nigeria