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The Future in Medical Consulting is Now!

Globally, hospitals and health networks are devoting time and resources to improving the quality of diagnostic medical testing, patient to employee relations, and the overall availability and delivery of patient care. LET International Medical Consultants are dedicated to partner with them on the path to these deliverables. We empower our clients to treat their patients utilizing proven best practices resulting in healthier patients and engaged employees.
L E T International LLC was formed in 2010 and is the first organization of its kind dedicated entirely to the provision of health care continuing education and the provision customized services. Our acronym L-E-T represents LEAD-EMPOWER-TEACH and is reflected our various services. We are focused on our commitment to medical facilities, in providing them with the very best in tailored advising and consulting services to fit their needs. 
Our experienced consultants are highly skilled in their fields and provide services in diagnostic medical testing & imaging, maternal-fetal care, patient engagement, and medical workforce sensitivity training. We collaborate with numerous accreditation bodies in most territories to provide medical personnel with CMEs (continued medical education) & CEUs (continued education units) for our programs. We support medical institutions globally in their efforts to grow, evolve, and advance.